About Me

Hi, I'm Debs and I'm a Licensed FitSteps® Instructor and Zumba® Instructor.    

A Little About Me

Originally I'm from Scarborough, which truly is a beautiful place.  I've always enjoyed exercise and sport; I was in the Royal Air Force for 18 years and was fortunate enough to try most sports during this time.  I retired from the RAF when I had children but was still really into fitness (well as much as you can be when you have little ones).  I had always been fit and healthy until, in 2006, I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  The treatment (surgery, chemotherapy and radiotherapy) lasted about a year and really took it's toll;  I lost fitness and gained weight.   After the treatment was over, my husband and I decided to start a new life for our family - we wanted to spend as much time with our children (and each other) as possible.  So, after 31 years of service, he retired from the RAF and we moved to Scarborough - we felt it would be a wonderful place for our children to grow up.  We soon settled down - children were really happy and loved school so we were happy too.  I tried hard to get back in shape - lots of Nordic Walking (I'm a Nordic Walking Instructor) and lots of sessions in the gym.  Although I was getting fitter, I wasn't losing the unwanted bulge, especially around my middle.  I honestly thought I had 'middle-age spread' and that I would just have to accept it - then I came across

Discovering Zumba And How It's Helped Me

I first became aware of Zumba® while visiting friends in Holland.  My friend was a big fan of Zumba® and had the DVDs - she asked my daughter (she was 12 at the time) and I, if we would like to try it.  I was hooked straight away!  I loved the music and the different dance styles;  we had such a giggle over the next few hours - the time just flew by - and without realising it we must have worked really hard (if the amount of sweat was anything to go by  ... sorry)!  I'd tried just about every form of exercise over the years but I'd never come across anything like this before - it was so much fun!

I bought the
Zumba® DVDs when we got back to the UK and used them a couple of times a week at home.  It wasn't long before I noticed how much my shape was changing - the bulge around my middle started to disappear and my waistline started to shrink!!  Not only was the bulge going but everywhere was toning up - the routines were fun and I really loved my Zumba® time at home.  I would have loved to have been able to go to a class but at the time no-one was teaching Zumba® in Scarborough so it wasn't possible.   At the end of the DVDs there was some info about becoming an instructor - I was curious and wanted to find out more; so, after looking into what was involved I thought I'd go for it!  Very scary but really exciting!

I decided to train as an Aerobics Instructor (Exercise to Music) first because I felt it was important to have professional fitness qualifications before enrolling on the Zumba
®  course.  I'm glad that I went down that route because the training was fantastic;  I learnt so much, both on a theoretical and practical level, and felt that the training equipped me with essential underpinning skills and knowledge that helped me as a Zumba® Instructor. 

I trained to be a
Zumba® Instructor in August 2010 in Worthing and loved every second of it.  After that, I spent 6 weeks or so developing my own routines and choreography; then I practised, practised and practised!  Venues were booked, the website was designed and went  'live'; then, a few leaflets later, we were ready start!

I had no idea whether anyone would come along to my classes so it was pretty nerve wracking on that first night - so I was really happy (and relieved) to see 23 ladies standing in front of me looking almost as nervous as I felt!   Once the music began and we started to move to the rhythms, the smiles spread - it was amazing!  From that very first class in October 2010, the smiles haven't stopped - we have a fab time.  I've met hundreds of lovely ladies that have made the classes the best time ever - great sports that just want to come along and have a wonderful time, forget everything for an hour while they lose themselves in the music and shake everything they've been blessed with! 

We see fantastic results in the way people 'tone-up' but more importantly how much fitter and more confident about themselves they become.

Zumba® has helped me to get my fitness and confidence back and it's really helped me to move forwards again.  I lost over a stone in weight and now know that you don't have to settle for 'middle-aged spread' - everyone can change their shape using Zumba Fitness®   - if they want to!  

I absolutely love
Zumba® and can never imagine it any other way - hope you get to enjoy it too!

Love Debs x